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You probably use Babel, directly or as a dependency. But do you ever wonder who works on it? Henry Zhu chats with other members of the team, TC39, and the JS community about the future of JavaScript and how it's all maintained. Please join us in babbling about Babel!

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02: Jason Miller on Modern JavaScript and the Future of preset-env

January 17, 2020 • 66 min 🎧

Jason Miller and Henry Zhu talk through a high level philosophy of transpilers, Babel's core mental model as the democratization of programming language design, and all nuances of the relationship between developers, TC39, browsers, tools. Let's look at the future of Babel.. through the future of preset-env with the newly released @babel/preset-modules started by Jason

01: Sebastian McKenzie on Babel and the Road to Rome

June 25, 2019 • 81 min 🎧

Henry chats with Sebastian McKenzie, the creator of Babel, on it's beginnings, what he's learned both technically and personally, and what this Rome thing is all about.